mindfulness meditation exercise

Mindfulness meditation exercise is what do on Sundays in our live online weekly broadcast.  We do live classes everyday, some higher intensity cardio, some geared towards mindful movement.  What better way to focus your mind and achieve your best stress-busting potential? 

In the process it will help rid you of that harmful cortisol stress hormone that stops you from reaching your best fitness, health and wellbeing goals.

Enjoy these mindfulness meditation exercise videos

Enjoy these relaxing stress-busting segments taken from my Easy Like Sunday Morning sessions.

A gentle moving mindfulness meditation exercise

Easy Like Sunday morning:

A gentle, moving mindfulness meditation exercise lasting about 20 minutes featuring various movement sequences from various origins including Shotokai, Qigong and Tai Hoi.

Use them to relax, empty your mind and set yourself up for a beautiful Sunday! 

And Breathe! . . . 

MOVING mindfulness
 STILLNESS   &  re-balancing

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You can benefit from live online classes every day which vary from our aerobics/cardio classes to mindful, mats and bands. 

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Be sure to control your breathing and take your mind to that safe neutral place where you are not judging yourself or anything else. Live in the moment. 

Discover 'empty mind' mushin and don't let any one thought-trail take over (this is 'continuous mind' or zanshin).


Hopefully you enjoyed these sessions.  I would welcome you to join me.  Practice makes permanent when you practice mindful meditation exercises. 

will this really help me?

Our own feedback from members is great for these sessions.  We asked participants to list some positives in their lives and here's one example of the type of reply we get:

"In all seriousness, I could easily do at least 10 of my positives are Zen02 related".

This great to hear and back up governmental reviews of mindfulness-based physical exercise interventions have shown that it is proven to improve fatigue, sleep, anxiety, depression, distress and quality of life (source).

Before                                                After

As well as this scientific data, we have our own anecdotal evidence.  There are people from far and wide - who might otherwise never meet in person,  know each other personally due to the magic of today's technology.

Think of our 'Easy Like Sunday Morning' as a non-pressured clear zone where nothing matters apart from living in the moment and celebrating your clear vision of what my Japanese karate masters used to say "accept" - "relax" (with lovely Japanese accents and the warm friendly, smiling faces of the teachers.  Yes, I learned mindfulness through traditional karate - fighting!

My Shotokai karate is different to modern sports karate.  Yes, it's a fighting skill through and through, but concerned with arming us for what life could throw at us under any kind of stres and conflicts and growing us as individuals and growing us towars enlightenment. 

Our shoulders would lower, our breathing would deepen, a warm smile would come into our being, a light would come into our inner eye and we would be ready for those punches coming at us left and right.

A great analogy for life, right?

Comments from the tribe....

"I've changed shape"

"I can balance now!"

"Finally, I can touch my toes"

"I can run upstairs"

"I don't get out of breath anymore"

"I sleep so much better"

"I don't shout at the kids so much"

"I knew I had to do something - this is it!"

"Finally, I'm exercising regularly and really enjoying it"

"I really look forward to my next class"

"I am so grateful of all the friendship and support"

"I wish I'd have found it sooner"

"I like helping new people feel welcome"

Legal Disclaimer: The results and effectiveness of our exercise programmes and weight loss advice may vary from person.  The factors involved in achieving long term benefits and changes include the quality of exercise choices, the number of weekly minutes of exercise completed, the adherence to a planned, healthy nutritionally balanced diet, the level of alcohol and fizzy drink consumption and overall medical health.