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What you get in the members only section:

The 'At Home' exercise section on the website has quite an offering:

  • The current weeks full hour long class (to follow at home if you wish). 
  • The Mindful Body Bootcamp Series (6 x 30 minute videos) to dip in and out of - which contain all the main mindful practices including:
  • The 5 Elements
  • The 9 Golden Moments followed by the 8 Positions (holding)
  • The White Ape Gathers Fruit and Golden Rooster Standing on one Leg (Parting the Horses Mane is within)
  • The Tai Chi Knee Kata
  • Moving Tai-Hoi Shapes 
  • Static Tai-Hoi Positions
  • AND MORE! New videos being uploaded all the time

Enjoy! . . .

Video samples

This is a teaser for the Zenrobics (aerobics, mats, bands & mindful)

This is one of the mindful videos (Static Tai-Hoi shapes)

For more information about my mindful aerobic exercise in Keynsham click here

To see what this week's Zenrobics (mindfulness with aerobics) looks like, click here

To see what this week's mindful segments (no aerobics) looks like, click here

need to know:

Begin by targeting a minimum of 150 minutes of at home exercises per week.  Build up from there.  Daily exercise is the goal - even is they are as little as 20 minutes each.  Do some shorter sessions and some longer.

Science says that you get more benefits when you do more than 35 minutes - that is if you are doing 'endurance' type exercise (lower intensity for longer).  As soon as you get into the HIIT (higher intensity) area, short bursts can be really effective. 

But, remember, you have to fit to HIIT (a bonus of getting through those early unfit stages.

Joining in with our at home exercises makes it fun and gives you a sense of belonging.  The time will fly!  Your targets will be reached easily and you won't be in your own - which is the worst thing for most people to overcome.

Don't bother doing more than one hour at a time as it doesn't do much more that just doing an hour

Even if you are doing steady state endurance exercise, try to build in periods where you are pushing yourself to the burn for short burst - but they slow down to recover before you go again.

This doesn't have to be like beasting yourself at bootcamp on a 9 or 10 exertion rate.  Try to reach 7 or 8, then rest, then go again.  This will emulate a HIIT session - but at your own rate. 

Ambling around a super slow pace isn't it.  Feel the burn, but don't go through it.  Live to fight another day.

Sorry ambling dog walkers.  BUT! brisk walking/jogging with the dog does count if you feel exerted at 7 to 8 exertion.  If you feel only 5-6 it doesn't count.

It's okay to build it up bit by bit. You should aim to achieve this target over a 12 week period.

This gradual progression is built into the format of our Zen02 at home exercises. We demonstrate 3 levels of aerobics, beginner, intermediate and advanced and you choose the appropriate level.

Try it for free and see!

Lots of love

Debi x

Comments from the tribe....

"I've changed shape"

"I can balance now!"

"Finally, I can touch my toes"

"I can run upstairs"

"I don't get out of breath anymore"

"I sleep so much better"

"I don't shout at the kids so much"

"I knew I had to do something - this is it!"

"Finally, I'm exercising regularly and really enjoying it"

"I really look forward to my next class"

"I am so grateful of all the friendship and support"

"I wish I'd have found it sooner"

"I like helping new people feel welcome"

Legal Disclaimer: The results and effectiveness of our exercise programmes and weight loss advice may vary from person.  The factors involved in achieving long term benefits and changes include the quality of exercise choices, the number of weekly minutes of exercise completed, the adherence to a planned, healthy nutritionally balanced diet, the level of alcohol and fizzy drink consumption and overall medical health.