Good food to help the happiness 🤗

by Debi

Hi everyone, I was chatting with some lovely ladies today and we were having a laugh about how we have the urge to kill people once a month.


Because just a few days before my periods recently I’ve fell out with my kids and nearly divorced my husband.

Yes, your safe because you don’t live with me. So anyone out there that feels the same?

No patience because the top of your head hurts and your family just don’t move fast enough, say the right things and do what they don’t do those things they should have known to do even though you didn’t ask them to do it!

Would you like me to share with you the way to eat yourself to happiness?

Here we go...…

First of all the headache on the top of your head? Coconut water is truly amazing. It contains electrolytes which hydrates you.

Think you aren’t de-hydrated? Neither did I! I’ve also switched to decaf coffee. Even though I only have one a day, double shot I found this still helped.

I already drink decaf green tea but maybe you could make that change too. Also, the biggest thing for me was to stop my alcohol at least a week before my due date.

Last but most important is food:

Now, I actually live to eat, but I’m very lucky that I love everything. The week before you due on date eat more magnesium, calcium & vitamin b6.

Now, I’m not one to take supplements so food is the way to go.

Does this sound familiar, if so, please post below . . .

to be continued . . .


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Nov 08, 2019
Part 2 Happy food for PMT
by: Debi

How exciting,.... Here we go!

So, why am I interested in this? Because I went to the Doctors for some advice asking about how to help with this anger every month. I asked first about some gel that two of my friends recommended to rub on the leg daily. He wasn't helping me with this and instead offered me anti depressant tablets instead! I said I was far from being depressed and no thankyou, next?

Second option was the Marine coil, I said no thank you again as I've had two "stuck" in me involving surgery to be removed. I said "next?".

He said the pill. I really don't want anything like that thank you as my body has had enough of all that jazz!

His answer was, "well your running out of choices".
He then printed a A4 of with all this information on and on the reverse side it said about vitamins. I said "Oooooo what's this? This could help me".

So his reply was to take vitamin supplements, (not for me thanks). I came home and looked into all the foods to eat to cover these vitamins that needs to be boosted to help PMT.

So here we are, the following month, after eating and drinking better and more of the right things daily, and my family are still alive and we are all happy. It's made such a difference. I can't wait to tell you more.

Please feel free to write comments below and give your story
Love Debi X

To be continued with "Happy Foods!"

Nov 09, 2019
Thursday class
by: Sarah h

I don’t like coffe however I will try decaf tea Which I hope they do as I don’t like green tea. I felt down last week due to the struggles of life but I went to zen on Thursday had a good laugh doing the mats which is what I needed and the half an hour of mindful did wonders. Getting out of my head for that hour does wonders zen ladies are the best.

Nov 10, 2019
Part 3 Happy food for PMT
by: Debi

♥️Hi Sarah.
Thankyou for your lovely comment. We really did have fun Thursday . Yes you can get decaf back tea, this also can prevent getting up for the toilet in the night too.

Now more about those vitamins. Not the tablet form❌, but in that fabulous food.

There are three magic food groups that you need to eat more of the week before your due on date. These are vitamin B6, Magnesium and Calcium.

When I say "more of", I mean all of every day! I actually made a list of the foods and days of the week and ticked them of through the day every day. I kept the lists on the fridge. This might sound crazy but it made me use these magic foods in every meal time, morning, lunch, tea and supper including snacks.

There is one 4mg tablet to be taken daily from Holland & Barrett, but it is fruit extract (plant based). This is called Agnus Castus that can't be had in food form unfortunately.

So, you would like to know this list of magic foods, here we go, we'll start with calcium:

Calcium is in Kale, Almonds, Sesame Seeds, Chia Seeds, Tofu, Soymillk and Brocoli.

Magmesium is in Dark Chocolate, Avacados, nuts, legumes (lentils, black beans, chickpeas, peas, soya beans), Tofu, Seeds (pumpkin, flax, chia), whole grains (wheat, oats, barley, whole grains), Bananas, leafy greens (spinach, Kale).

Now, I eat all these foods but I would never normally have them all, every day.

I'll leave you to chew on this list before I bombarded you tomorrow for the next list of magic foods.

Keep following, Many thanks love Debi X

Nov 10, 2019
Good food
by: Natalie

Hi Deb it’s good to hear I’m not alone in feeling the anger. I’ve suffered for a long time with this issue. And same as you the doctor gave me antidepressants which made me even morse.
I will definitely eat more of the magnesium food group.
I don’t have caffeine anyway and I will go back to green tea. Who doesn’t liove a bit of dark chocolate 😊
I have started having a smoothie everyday with wild rocket, raspberries, goji berries and avocado 🥑 plus I add a bit of ginger.
Your Mushin class on a Thursday always help me to relax and also gives me energy. I love going plus we have a laugh 😂. Nat x

Nov 11, 2019
Happy eating for PMS Part 4
by: Debi

Hello my lovelies.

What's your thoughts so far? Please keep responding to keep me posting. There's lots for where this came from.

We've looked at Magnesium and Calcium in lovely foods to make us all smile more not the third one is a vitamin.... 6! But we don't need a tablet. We can get it in so many great foods. Here we have the fab list: Nutritional yeast otherwise known as Nouch.

Now I have just 1 teaspoon of this a day. You can mix it in anything, grains, pasta, mash even sprinkled on you hot dinner.

The next is porridge oats, this contains all three of what we need, I have these every morning with the next 8 items we also need which is linseed, chia seed, sesame seed & sunflower seeds, just 1 teaspoon of each.

Then after hot add the next 3 nuts crushed in pestle & mortal, hazel nuts, almonds & walnut. (Just a few of each).... And what a way to start a day??

So for you lunch you can have quinoa, Spring greens, tomatoes & avocado. All amazing in vitaminB6.. Why not add a teaspoon of tahini too.

Get some more by having banana, orange & some chestnuts.

Teatime have whole grain pasta, butternut squash, corn on the cob with Brussels sprouts. Pistachios for another snack and cereal for supper!

I her you say Wow! What? OMG.....It can be done, mixed up any way to make it work for you, if you want too.....

Try it before you knock it. All these foods are truly amazing and makes all the difference to your happiness, eat well, sleep well

Debi x

Nov 11, 2019
by: G

So my days of ‘time of the month’ issues are well and truly over, but I just wanted to share how my life changed through having a ‘good’ daily breakfast. I was never a ‘morning’ person and breakfast consisted of a cup of tea and piece of toast if I was lucky. When I started to take care of myself a bit better, I made the decision to get up a little earlier and take my time to have a decent breakfast. I’ve never looked back and for the past 20 years have been able to live a life with the zest I wish I had when I was younger. Giving my body that good energy start the to the day means I am able to look after a 14 month old for two days a week and still continue with two very demanding days of work - and 70 isn’t that far away! So what is that breakfast? Well, it’s based on a good quality muesli to which I add fresh chopped ginger, crushed flax seed, goji berries, mulberries, cranberries and either a fig or couple of prunes. It might sound a bit fancy, but once you’ve bought it in, it lasts for ages. Sometimes I ring the changes - but will write about that another time. Just as important is the time I take to eat it. I am lucky to have a garden to look out on when taking my time to chew!

Nov 14, 2019
Summary of the Happy Foods for PMS
by: Debi

So, if you want a quick check of the above content and want to print is out or save it onto your device, I have written out a summary:

happy-foods-for-pmsDownload this image

happy-foods-for-pmtDownload this image

Hope this is useful.

Please post any comments you think could add to this discussion.


Lots of love
Debi x

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