PMS Treatment Using Food Magic

PMS treatment - food that help and foods that don't.


Is PMS treatment possible using food voodoo?

Can it be done?  Yes!  Here's how...

 Find out what to scoff and what to not - if you are habitually hating everyone during those PMT red mist days.

pre-menstural-foodsYup! Enjoy true yumminess to blast away the blues, baby.

Yes, it's scientific!  Foods have been found by scientist to lessen the symptoms of PMS.

Here's a quote from one of the .gov report findings:

"Fruit consumption (OR 0.34, 95% CI 0.125–0.92; p < 0.05) was associated with a decreased risk of reporting behavioral symptoms. A high prevalence of PMS was reported among university students, with smoking and high calorie/fat/sugar/salt food consumption identified as strong risk factors for PMS. (source)"

Let some Zen02 members talk us through this:-

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Good food to help the happiness 🤗 
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Comments from the tribe....

"I've changed shape"

"I can balance now!"

"Finally, I can touch my toes"

"I can run upstairs"

"I don't get out of breath anymore"

"I sleep so much better"

"I don't shout at the kids so much"

"I knew I had to do something - this is it!"

"Finally, I'm exercising regularly and really enjoying it"

"I really look forward to my next class"

"I am so grateful of all the friendship and support"

"I wish I'd have found it sooner"

"I like helping new people feel welcome"

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